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Why TV advertising

Here are some pros to consider when adding TV advertising to your business strategy:

Increase audience reach

TV's capacity to attract a broader audience is unbeaten, regardless of how specific your online strategies may be. Television advertising allows you to connect with individuals who do not necessarily fit into your typical audience traits, interests, and behaviours.

Build up your brand and trust

Naturally, if a company has the budget to advertise on TV, then the likelihood is they have a long list of loyal customers who have tried the product they’re showcasing. This helps increase the trust in your brand

Fixed costs

Once you have paid for your tv ad slot, you have it set in stone, it’s time to sit back and let it pay for itself from an increase of revenue. You can view your results and interest while you’re being advertised allowing you to budget and plan for your next advertisement investment.


Why online advertising

Online advertising is a powerful and widely used method for companies to expand their target audience, boost sales, and enhance brand recognition. Here are some advantages that highlight why you should incorporate online ads into your business plan:

Worldwide exposure

Online ads are not limited to a single country's audience. They allow you to extend your reach to various countries and regions that align with your strategy, enabling you to engage a broader audience when executed properly.

Targeted strategies

You have the freedom to design your campaign as strategically as you want. You can develop multiple campaigns with specific content and media to address a segment of your audience or create a campaign that appeals to your entire audience. With A/B testing, you can try out various options to maximize interest and engagement.

Immediate feedback

You can quickly determine the effectiveness of your ongoing campaigns. Data tracking allows you to see if your investment is generating clicks and conversions. If it's not, you can promptly make adjustments, saving both time and money.

Quantifiable outcomes

Detailed data tracking is another advantage of this medium. By using targeted ads and monitoring the results, you can identify who exactly is responding to these ads and make necessary adjustments to ensure no resources are wasted. You can measure what works and what doesn't for your strategy.


Online ads are not only cheaper than other traditional advertising methods, but they also offer complete control. You can stop, pause, and modify them as often as needed, allowing you to manage your overall expenditure and ensure the best return on investment.